How to Pack Your Life Into A Carry On

I usually hate Monday's but today is the day before my Spring Break trip and I am so excited! I will be headed to Tennessee and instead of being in a shorts and sandals outfit, I will try to be bundling up and staying warm. Starting tomorrow I will be posting travel diaries every day reflecting each day on the trip. So expect to see a new post every night! Today I will be sharing the exact products that are in my carry-on and links so you guys can purchase these items!

A. The Bag

It is super important to have a super light but stylish bag to wear around the airport and the one I have does just that. I use the Vera Bradley Rumba Travel Tote and it has amazing pockets inside to store all my stuff neatly.

B.  Phone Case

If you're like me you have many cases but on a trip, there shouldn't be a worry of changing your case every day. One cute, light and protected case will do just the trick. The case I will be taking on this trip is by Kate Spade.
Shop it here:

C. Chapstick

While traveling you want to make sure you are always fresh and moisturized. I always feel like my lips need to feel nourished and healthy so I make sure to have a chapstick at all times.

D. Blanket

Airports can be super cold and sometimes you are already wearing a jacket and you're still freezing. But a super light roll-up blanket is perfect to throw on a carry-on and carry on with your day.

E. Planner

Even on vacation, you got to keep your life in check. In my instance, I have my blog posts set up for every day. I love my planner this year and if you don't have one I recommend this one. 

F. Computer Case

I will be taking my computer on my trip so I have to make sure it's a nice case.
Shop it here:

G. Snacks

I always have to have a snack with me at all times. Sometimes airports won't let you pass with food in your carry on but I manage fine with my little bag of Hot Cheetos every time.

H. Headphones

Headphones are probably one of the most important items to bring with you because blocking out the sound around you is always a good idea. From waiting for your flight to being on your flight you are going to want to make sure those headphones are packed in your bag.

I. Laptop

A laptop is a travel necessity, especially for us bloggers. I'll be blogging at the airport, on the plane, in the car, and on the bed. 
Shop it here:

J. Chargers

I put all my chargers for my phone and computer in my carry-on so they are at easy access in case any of my devices die.
Shop it here:

K. Shades

I love my sunny's especially when I am traveling. They make seeing the world around me a bit easier. So once you pick up your luggage and head outside to get in your ride your going to want those shades in a convenient location. The shades that I have are all sold out but I will list the website for you guys to check out all of their amazing options.

L. Wrislet

When it comes to my choice of what to carry my money and ID in I always love turning to wristlet. They are small but have enough room and have a little handle to put around your wrist. On this trip, I will be taking this cute lemon wristlet to sports springtime. This item I have is also sold out but you can check out the latest wristlets this company has in the link down below.
Shop it here:

That is a wrap of everything I will be taking on my travel on and if you guys have any extra things you pack let me know in the comments below!

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