Weekend Getaway in Tampa

Hello everyone, Happy Monday! I hope you all had an amazing weekend because I sure did. I decided instead of spending my Saturday doing the same things I usually do which is eat and shop I might as well do in a different city. I technically went to three which were St. Petersburg, Treasure Island (Maderia Beach), and Ybor City. Below you can scroll down and see things I did and places I visited.

I stopped at St.Petersburg to go to the huge Goodwill Retail store to snatch a bunch of thrifting deals but it was a bust.

My next stop was John's Pass Boardwalk which is a little bit of a drive-through Treasure Island located on Maderia Beach. The boardwalk has a bunch of shops, restaurants, and sand of course.

They have so many shops that have anything you want. From clothes to shoes, to bags, to jewelry, to soap you can find it all here!

The Wild Style building is preferably my favorite because each wall has a cute background for a cool and hip Instagram photo.

Did someone say soap? Lori's Soap & Sponge Market is a personal favorite. This market sells amazing soaps with great scents. I purchased a couple to last me until the next time I make a trip down there. I love the soaps with the sponge inside it's very soft and moisturizing on my skin. 

While strolling down the boardwalk you can see where the blue sky matches the beautiful ocean blue. Down below, you can see people in their swimsuits enjoying the warm sand and weather.

We All Scream for ICE CREAM! At least I do and I bet if you checked this place out you would too. The boardwalk has so many ice cream shops to offer but no one can compare to Sugar Daddy's. Yup Sugar Daddy's. They have amazing Homemade Ice Cream for a reasonable price. You can enjoy a Cookies n Cream (left) or Mint Chocolate Chip (right) double scoop on a waffle cone, a Praline Milkshake (middle), or any flavor you want. 

I then left the boardwalk and shopped at a few retailers around the city including Burlington and T.J. Maxx. 

The sun came down and I then came to Ybor City. Planning on going thrifting in some of my favorite stores one that happened to be closed as soon as I arrived. It was Revolve Clothing Exchange and they have the cutest used clothes. But I did get a chance to stop in another favorite store which was La France. It has back in the day clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, and much more. They have more elegant clothing and accessories as well.

A long day calls for some good greasy food! I visited a NY Pizza Joint that was very packed but had a cute restaurant structure and design. 

I got two cheese slices as always and though the picture may look appetizing it was definitely lacking a good New York flavor. 

I then headed back to Orlando and surprisingly made it back before midnight. I enjoyed this day wishing I could do this every day.

The pictures are all original and should not be used without my permission.

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