Capsule Wardrobe Must-Haves For Every College Girl


As the fall semester creeps up behind us, gathering those cute fits for classes is on the mind of many students. I haven't been on a college campus since 2019 and it's crazy to think that in less than two weeks, I will be back. My style has evolved during quarantine and I have learned to be more appreciative of those basic pieces lying in my closet. This past year, we have seen how quick trends seem to come and go on social media and quite frankly those trends don't do great things to my wallet nor the environment. This back-to-school season, I have been shopping for neutral pieces that I can wear during any season and that can be styled in many different ways. Make sure you are following me on Instagram and Tiktok to see my styling videos coming later this month. In today's post, I am going to tell you everything you need to get so that you can have the perfect college fashion capsule wardrobe.

#1 - Biker Shorts: Yeah, I don't care what the girls on TikTok say, biker shorts are NOT cheugy. They are literally leggings but in shorts form and when you live in this Florida heat...they are essential. A black pair of biker shorts in your wardrobe will only do you good. 

#2 - Button Ups: Fashion is all about layering and you can start by adding a button-up shirt to your wardrobe. I prefer an oversized one because it can be styled in so many ways whether you choose to wear it as a layering piece or on its own.

#3 - White Sneakers:  YOU NEED THESE! White sneakers will go with 99.9% of the outfits that you already have in your closet so they are a good investment. 

#4 - Denim Jacket: Another layering piece that needs to be in your wardrobe. Whether you want to wear it with a dress or over a workout set, the denim jacket is always in style.

#5 - Joggers:  You need that elevated sweatpant in your closet because you can get away with wearing your joggers to class or dinner without looking like a bum.

#6 - Jeans: Bestie, I don't know about you but I will still be wearing high-waisted jeans for years to come. A pair of blue jeans, a pair of distressed jeans, and a pair of boyfriend jeans are the only jeans you really need.

#7 - Plain Shirts: Black and White tees are your best friend. If you want to introduce some color into your wardrobe, you can get some tees in other colors as well.

#8 - Little Black Dress:  A LBD is going to be that hero piece in your closet that you can always wear even if you feel like you have nothing to wear. The dress can be accessorized in so many ways and is just a classic piece.

#9 - Gold Jewelry: Is it just me or does gold jewelry hit differently? I always use to wear silver jewelry but gold jewelry definitely makes an outfit stand out more. From gold hoops to a chain, these accessories can be worn over and over again.

#10 - Sandals: Sometimes the toes just need to breathe. I love a sandal that can be worn all day without causing blisters and still coordinates with the outfits I have in my closet. Feel free to add a sandal with a little heel to your collection as well.

#11 - Crop Tops: A little stomach never hurt anybody. For a hot day or night out, wearing a crop top and a pair of jeans is never a bad idea.

#12 - Shorts: If you live in Florida, you know the struggle. A pair of denim and linen shorts can be styled in different ways while being equally comfortable.

#13 - Tote Bag: I am living for my tote bag because it allows me to throw anything and everything into it. 

#14 - Sunglasses: The way that a pair of sunglasses can upgrade any outfit is insane. 

#15 - Sweater Vests: Sweater vests only go out of style if you get a crazy pattern that you can't wear with everything. I suggest getting a plain color or something that just has a little detail to it.

#16 - Skirts: Whether you're into a mini or midi skirt, it is always a good idea to have that skirt that you can dress up or down. A denim skirt is always a good idea too.

#17 - Sweatshirts: You can bury me in a sweatshirt and I won't even be mad. They are so comfortable, a great layering piece, and you can embrace your inner Kim Kardashian with just one piece.

#18 - Matching Workout Sets: Babe, you don't even have to know what the inside of a gym looks like because it's called rocking athleisure. 

#19 - Classic Shoulder Bag: Sometimes you can't take a whole tote bag to the club and that's okay. Get yourself a little shoulder bag, put some lipgloss on, and remember that you're a baddie.

#20 - Graphic Tees: When purchased the right way, graphic tees can be styled in so many ways and will never go out of style.

#21 - Boots: The cowboy boots are cute but I am a sucker for a good Chelsea or thigh-high boot.

#22 - Blazers: A blazer is that power piece that every women needs in her closet.

The key to building a capsule wardrobe is only adding pieces that you can see yourself wearing for many occasions. If you're buying something just because it's trendy or would look good for an Instagram picture then maybe you don't need it. I know that many of the stores I have linked in this post are fast fashion but these places actually have good quality pieces for the price. Sometimes it's hard to afford quality pieces especially as a college student and as a consumer, you shouldn't put the blame on yourself because you can't afford it. Thrifting pieces for your capsule wardrobe is a great alternative as well and it's easy to find button-ups and graphic tees in the men's section of your local thrift store. 

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