Travel Diary Day 2: Civil Rights & Nasty Chicken

An exhibit from the National Civil Rights Museum showing a display of the Sit-Ins

Day two in Memphis and I have already seen a lot. Memphis is so different from Orlando, especially in its infrastructure. It seems even though so much history has occurred in this city no one has taken the time or money to rebuild the city. There are so many abandoned buildings and houses. However, you do see a church on every other street. It shows that even though the city doesn't look as preserved the power of God is still built throughout every home.

Today I visited the National Civil Rights Museum located inside the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed fifty years ago.

This is the outside of the museum and the wreath in the picture to left is where King was standing when he was shot. 

When you enter the museum it has 24 exhibits that you will walk through and the second exhibit is a 12-minute film to give you a brief look at history. 

Throughout the museum, there are many detailed exhibits. 

The buses in the exhibit show a real depiction of the real events. The first bus has an intercom constantly yelling "move to the back of the bus" and this second bus shows the burned down bus that freedom riders were on.

Each exhibit is full of murals, live videos, and phones to hear from the ones who experienced the movement.

The last exhibit is King's room and there is a line to enter it. You aren't allowed onto the balcony or the "room room" but you can see rooms 306 and 307.

Outside the museum, they have this huge mural and there is also another museum to walk into with 15 exhibits. However, I didn't capture any photos in there. 

I then visited the Mississippi River. The water was very high and you can see the trees looking like there drowning. 

It's time for food and I tried KFC'S competition. However, Jack Pitler's is no competition. The chicken tenders were so nasty they tasted like old grease and vomit. KFC is the way to go.

Then I went to the Wolfchase Galleria Mall and stayed in for the night. 

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