Travel Diary Day 3: How I Gained 15 Pounds

Signing the wall in front of Elvis Presley's Home!

It's Wednesday and I think on only my third day in Memphis I have gained so much weight. It's not like I don't know how to put the fork down but there are so many sweets that surround me. Scroll down to see everything that I munched on today and my visit to Graceland.

Though I didn't actually go into the Graceland home I did get a view of it from the outside. I also embraced a tradition of signing the wall filled with thousands of signatures. 

Next to the home, they have a gift shop with anything and everything with Elvis Presley on it.

My second meal today after my Frosted Flakes was Checkers. However, they got my burger order wrong so I ate the meat and bottom bun since those were the only plain parts. I also had fries and a banana shake.

State change! We traveled to Mississippi to shop at their Tanger Outlets. However, it sucked so much. It was quiet and peaceful which was cool but the stores were awful. I did no shopping here because there was nothing that attracted my style.

The best thing the outlets had was a Krispy Kreme. Of course, I had to pick up a few chocolate iced donuts.

One store later and we visited a homemade chocolate shop in Memphis. The store's name is Dinstuhl's and the truffles I bought from there were amazing. So far I have only had the Sea Salt Caramel one. 

We then went to another mall which barely had any good stores as well. Visiting these malls has made me more grateful for all the plazas, outlets, and malls Orlando has to offer.

Tomorrow I am headed to Nashville and I am so excited!

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