Dressing Fly and Flying From MCO

Hey guys, Welcome to the first day of my travel diaries! I am so excited to do these diaries because it is a chance for me to combine two of my favorite hobbies: blogging and traveling. As expected I will also be doing mini vlogs on my Instagram for this trio where you can check it all out under my highlights section titled Spring Break.

I flew with Southwest and I was so excited because I got to check two bags for free. However, I was so disappointed with the amenities available on the flight. Personally, I am used to flying JetBlue where the Wifi is free and there are TVs built on the plane. But on Southwest Wifi was $8 and if you wanted to watch TV you could only watch a handful of channels and you had to use your own device. Also, they give complimentary drinks and snacks but rather than JetBlue where I would get an option of free snacks such as chips and cookies, Southwest gives you a small bag of three peanuts.

Next, I had to make a stop at my favorite place ever! I ordered my usual Java Chip Frappe and later a Chocolate Chip Cookie and a Venti Water (which was a $1). 

As a princess, I must capture moments with other beautiful princesses. The Orlando Airport has every main attraction souvenir store throughout the airport. 

MCO being such a huge airport we must ride a monorail to go to our flight gates. The line to pass the security check wasn't that bad but of course, I was pulled aside because of my jewelry. 

Made it to Gate 110 and waited for my flight. I didn't know when I boarded that I had it was open seating so me and my family were separated for the flight but now we know for next time.

I am in Memphis now and am loving the weather! Time to barbecue and relax for the rest of the day. I will see you guys tomorrow for Travel Diary Day 2.

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