Travel Diary Day 6,7,& 8: Bumming, Grubbing, and Traveling

A restaurant I visited called Soul Fish in Memphis, Tennessee was absolutely delicious.

Today I fly out back to Orlando and I am truly sad. I don't really miss home because it consists of all my responsibilities and work eating me alive. Classes are coming to an end and finals season is next month and I am certainly not ready. The last three days were very relaxing full of watching movies and eating. Scroll down to see my chill time!

On Day 7, I went to the movies to watch A Wrinkle in Time and I was quite disappointed. I am personally not a fan of Sci-Fi movies and this made me not like them even more. The movie definitely had a cute storyline and important life lessons throughout it but it was very long. The movie took a long time getting to the point and adding a lot of extra details that I really didn't like. But I suggest seeing it to get your own opinion. 

After the movie, we gained a little appetite and drove over to Soul Fish. I am not a total fan of seafood but I do love some Fried Shrimp. The fries and mac and cheese were also really good. The meal also came with hush puppies but I don't like them.

Before heading to the airport, on Day 8 we stopped for a meal at Gus's World Famous Chicken. The chicken had a hot taste to it which was really delicious but the mac and cheese was too watery and I did not enjoy it.

Next to Gus's was Gibson's Donuts. Let me tell you guys I absolutely loved this place. As a donut fanatic, these have to be on my top 3 list because of how fresh and thin they were. Most donut places like this have really doughy donuts that can taste bitter and lose its sweetness. However, if you visit Memphis you have to make this a priority stop. I took some on the plane with me as well!

I arrived at the Memphis International Airport with my flight being delayed over an hour because of a tornado watch in Orlando. But by 4:00 they deemed it clear and got back home earlier. I arrived at OIA by 7:00 p.m. and man was it busy. Tomorrow I have to go back to classes and I am not excited.

I hope you guys enjoyed my travel diaries for this trip and I can't wait to share with you guys more in the future!

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