Sick Girl Survival Guide

Happy Friday beautiful people! Sadly, I have been home all week sick with Pneumonia. Today I decided to share with you a few tips and tricks that have helped me manage to stay cute and comfy even with this illness. I hope you all don't catch any germs but in case you do try my tips below!

Oversized Blanket

I have been obsessing over blankets and quilts lately rather than just regular comforters. An oversized blanket is so perfect because you can just throw it on and off in case you get randomly hot like I always do. I have been using a cotton blanket but also a fur one. You can purchase the blanket above here: Red Fur Blanket

Homemade Soup

The first day I was sick all I wanted to eat was soup. My grandma made me some Sancocho soup. It was really good and I truly ate it all day with some buttered bread. It didn't have corn or tomato's in my grandma's because that is just nasty. A copycat recipe of the soup is here: Probably not as good of soup recipe but to try!!!


Since I am sick pajamas have been my go-to. Above is shown two pairs of PJs that I have purchased recently and they are so comfy. They are a satin material and have a mesh lining on the sides. If you guys want to purchase them here you go: Maidenform PJ Set


I have been in love with crocs lately because they are so comfortable. I just recently bought a white pair not even caring but I haven't taken them off since I bought them. Get you some crocs right here: Join the Crocs Gang

Ginger Ale

Since I have been vomiting every day I have learned to adapt to ginger ale. I enjoy drinking it and it's good but is it really working... who knows. You can buy ginger ale anywhere and my favorite is Canada Dry.


Being home all week and not being able to pay attention to anything is really irritating. But watching any type of movie or show can help you relax and bit more. I have been watching thriller movies on Netflix lately. If you don't have Netflix I suggest watching Lifetime movies because those are the absolute best.

Going to the Doctor Outfit

When you are sick you might have to go to the doctor or hospital for a check-up so being fashionable but comfy is still a goal. I wore these comfy items from Forever 21 and they are so cute. I also threw on my crocs and my outfit still looked stylish! Purchase them here: White TeeCherry Shorts

That is everything for the survival guide! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and pray for me a quick recovery. I am doing better than I was earlier and can't wait to be back to my everyday routine and start "living" again. Have a Happy Friday and Easter!

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