Nail Transformation: I Finally Stopped Biting My Nails! (One Year Later)

Happy Friday! This post is so exciting because I get to share an accomplishment with you all. In 2019, I didn't achieve many of my resolutions but this one I am proud of. For eighteen years, I have been biting my nails until they bleed. I decided to get acrylic tips on my nails for Prom and my life changed after that. Today, I am going to show you the before and after pictures and everything that I did to grow my nails.

The top photo is the before result and I literally had no nails, just the acrylic tips. The nail tech tried to get rid of those cuticles too but there was no hope. I just got my nails done yesterday and the bottom picture captures that. I got a cut-down and they are still long and luxurious. So what did I do?

Take a look at my naked nails! After about six months, I took the tips off and just started doing an acrylic overlay on my regular nails. I usually go for the regular nail polish manicure because I like to change my color every two weeks (every two weeks for a year). I find that the OPI nail polish is the best and lasts the full two weeks. So, if you don't want to bite your nails... I suggest getting acrylics because they make it impossible to bite them. I can't believe I used to bite my nails because now I don't even think about doing it.

The nail color featured in this post is Telenovela Me About It by OPI. I am not a nail expert and this post is just to share my journey of how I grew my nails. I know that too much acrylic can damage your nails and I plan to take a break from it soon. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see the nail colors I choose for my next appointments. 

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