My Room Makeover

Happy Friday! I know that this was a long-awaited blog post since I shared that I was going to do one... but two months later and it is finally here. You can check out the full room tour on my Instagram story via the room tour highlight. Check it out here: @stayklassay.

So let's talk about my old bedroom. The "before" pictures actually are a mess and look like a frat room. I promise my room didn't look like this most of the time. At this point, I was ready for a new bedroom anyways. 

My Old Bedroom

My bed was falling apart and that was the cause of me buying new bedroom furniture and redecorating my bedroom.

My New Bedroom

Welcome to my adult bedroom! I decided to do a white and grey color scheme because it looks classy and minimalistic. I didn't repaint my room because I was lazy and I will probably be moving in the next year anyway. 

Most of my home decor is from stores like Burlington, Ross, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Amazon. Therefore, I can't really link many items because there is usually one like it at the store. However, I linked as much as I could and even similar items. So, if you saw my tour on Instagram and want to purchase any of the items...check them out below!

Purchase My Bedroom

 Head over to my Instagram to see the full room tour as well as my daily life! 

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