The Single's Girl Guide to Valentine's Day

Happy Single Awareness Day my love! I hope you all are enjoying your love day not worrying about if someone loves you romantically but appreciating your circle that loves and supports you every day. The 14th of February can feel overwhelming if you don't have a bae or plans. As for myself, I am just going to be staying home and enjoying my day loving myself instead. We focus on loving other people or looking for people to love us when our first priority should be ourselves. Scroll down below to see how I am treating myself and how you should too!

1. Choose Your Comfy Place

My most favorite place is my bed and not just to sleep. I enjoy lighting a nice fragrance candle and opening an issue of teen vogue or binge-watching a show on Netflix. While laying in bed, you can do many things like munch on your favorite snacks (yes Valentine's Day is an excused cheat day) and put on a nice face mask. Since it's a special holiday, treat yourself with a mud mask instead of a regular sheet mask.

2. Treat Yo' Self

My favorite sweet in the whole wide world is donuts so I am definitely going to spoil myself with some today. While enjoying some sweets, you can smell sweet too with your favorite lotion scent.

3. Embrace Your Singleness

Its OK if your bae is a donut today because you simply don't need a man! If you are chilling in your room or bathtub, you can play some woman empowerment music and your favorite love songs! Take a listen to my "I Love MEntine's Day" Playlist:

4. Buy Yourself Gifts

I bet these couple of days you have been stressing about what to buy other people that you forgot about yourself. Go buy those shoes that were on sale or those flowers you thought were beautiful because you deserve them!

Don't be ashamed to be alone on Valentine's Day because self-care is the best care. Spend your day enjoying and loving yourself a bit more. 

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