Embracing Your Inner Blair Waldorf

Did someone mention Blair Waldorf? Well yes, and today my inspiration for this post is inspired by the one and only fashionista from Gossip Girl. Not only do I love Blair's sense of style but I love her need for headbands. Headbands have recently been my current obsession and are super easy to dress up any hairstyle. Today I tried out five easy hairstyles and just added a headband to each style. Each look took about five minutes and are great styles to try for back to school. 

The Braid

For this first look, I braided my hair in a lower braid toward the back of my head and just braided straight down. I then added the headband into my hair. I love pulling out strands of my hair in the front to shape my face and give it a messy look.

The Low Bun

This look is super easy because all you have to do is throw your hair into a messy bun on the lower portion of your head. You can then slide the headband wherever you want and then you have a cute hairstyle. I also pulled out more hair from the front roots because I usually don't wear low buns and the pulled out pieces make the hairstyle look more put together.

The Messy Bun

A messy bun is always a go-to hairstyle for any rough school morning but adding a headband can bring so much more to your look. All you have to do for this hairstyle is craft your favorite messy bun and just add a headband that will compliment your outfit.

The Ponytail

To craft this ponytail look I suggest putting your hair in a medium or high ponytail. I then would slide in a headband of my choice about 2 inches away from my hairline. For this look, its ideal to put one bobby pin on each side of the headband to hold it in place all day. The headband can usually slide down throughout the day which can make the hairstyle uncomfortable and possibly ruined. 

The Wild Hair

The wild hair hairstyle is truly my favorite because it requires no effort at all. For this hairstyle, all you need is a brush, dry shampoo, and your headband. Wearing a headband is an excuse not to style your hair but instead just spraying some dry shampoo in it. After you comb your hair and add some dry shampoo you're ready to add a cute headband. This hairstyle can take you two minutes and still make you look cute.

I hope you found inspiration from the five hairstyles and it helps you look a bit classy this upcoming school year. If you are interested in buying some headbands especially the ones I am wearing you can purchase them on Amazon or down below!

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