My 15 Minute Back-To-School Morning Routine (Learning the 3 by 15 Technique)

The most stressful thing teenagers worry about besides homework and their social life is the time management of getting ready in the morning for school. However, for me, I have this technique down packed and take just under fifteen minutes every morning to get ready. This might seem impossible but I am still able to pull off looking klassay at school while putting in no time effort. I am going to share with you my 3 BY 15 technique which breaks my morning routine into three sections that consist of five minutes each. 

Section 1: Hygienic Process

 After my alarm goes off for the 20th time, I head to the bathroom and do my "morning pee". After that, I do a quick face wash and that will be my entire skincare routine to keep it simple for those early mornings. While the face wash is sitting, I then brush my teeth. This can change up depending the morning because if I don't shower the night before these two steps will be included in my shower routine to keep the process minimal. This is the first five-minute section in my 3 by 15 technique.

Section 2: Getting the Klassay Look

For me, picking out my outfit the night before is a great method because it doesn't cause me to tear apart my closet the morning of. For planning your outfit the night before I suggest considering these things: weather, the type of class, plans after class, and are you on your period?. These four things guide me in the right direction of picking the best outfit. When I find my perfect outfit, I usually hang it in the back of my closet (picture 2) to make it easier to access that morning. This is the second section but if you plan your outfit the night before you should be able to get dressed in two minutes leaving an extra three minutes for a shower or doing your hair. 

Section 3: Prepping the Face & Wig

I don't do much to my face and hair as many of you may know because I don't feel like its necessary especially just to sit in a classroom most of the day. I usually just put a moisturizer on my face and dry shampoo my hair... then call it a day ladies. No makeup and no styling is my go-to for a typical school day. The two moisturizers that I live by are the SheaMoisture Daily Glow Priming Moisturizer and the Olay Luminous Brightening and Protecting Lotion. These two products will you give you a refreshing and glowing face all day. I only use one each day and switch it up depending on how my skin feels. For my hair, I don't use too much product and but when I do I depend on this Vidal Sassoon Colorfinity, Rich Darks Dry Shampoo to give me the perfect no effort look. I love using headbands to add to these looks and you can check out one of my recent posts for ideas: Embracing Your Inner Blair Waldorf. This is the third section in my 3 by 15 technique and it doesn't take more than five minutes. After this step, you should be at the 10 or 12-minute mark if you preplanned section two.

Grabbing A Bite & Rushing Out The Door

I don't include this as part of "getting ready" in the morning but sometimes this step falls under my fifteen minutes just depending on my morning. I usually like to get a quick breakfast in the morning to hold me over. My favorite quick bites are usually a bagel with cream cheese or a banana. Sometimes I stop to get breakfast at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts but sometimes the wallet can be tight. That's why I suggest downloading their apps to make sure your money is being turned into rewards for free items. Starbucks also has plastic cups (seen above) that you pay $2 (hot drinks) or $3 (cold drinks) for and everytime you use the cup you can get 10% off your beverage. This is a perfect way to save a little money and have a cup to refill throughout your day. After I am done getting my quick bite I grab my bag and head out the door. 

That is a wrap for my 3 by 15 technique for the back to school mornings. This technique can also be used for getting ready for work or leaving on a trip. If you keep your routine in a schedule in your head it can help the process be smoother. It can also allow a little more sleep in space for my "sleeping queens" (like me). A simple and quick routine in the morning will help mentally prepare you for a great day ahead. 

If you have any other quick techniques to get ready in the morning, feel free to share them with us!

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  1. I also plan my outfits in advance. It really does save so much time in the morning.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style