The Cutest Statement Earrings For Under $28

Earrings are the essential lifesaver to any outfit. I count on earrings so much to dress up any outfit and to complete my look. Earrings also help define the shape of my face which makes me love them even more. I am personally a fan of medium hoops and dangle earrings for my heart-shaped head.

Although I am obsessed with earrings, I don't like breaking the bank to purchase them. Of course, I have more expensive silver pieces but for everyday street styles, I don't like spending more than $30 on any jewelry pieces. My usual main spots to buy my earrings are Charming Charlie and Target. I preferably like those stores because I know I am getting some type of quality in them. I am not allergic to fake jewelry but sometimes I will get headaches from wearing them for too long. I personally like purchasing hypoallergenic earrings because I know I won't experience a headache while wearing them. Down below, I have listed eight different types of earrings that are not only quality but worth adding to your summer wardrobe.

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