My Favorite Items From Amazon

Happy Friday! I am so excited about this blog post because I've been ordering so many products from Amazon during the quarantine so I want to share my favorites. From tech to beauty products, I apologize in advance for any products that you may add to your cart. I will be highlighting my top five products but you can shop all my favorites on my Amazon Storefront. I am so honored to have a page on Amazon that you all can shop from with easy access. You can find it here and follow my page to stay up to date with my latest finds: Stay Klassay Amazon Page

K Initial Necklace

This necklace is one of my essential pieces in my jewelry collection. It's not too tight and hasn't tarnished quickly. I suggest not wearing it in the shower or pool but if you do it's very cheap to replace if needed. They have letters A to Z and you can choose either silver or gold. If you want a cute classic necklace in your wardrobe then I suggest snagging this necklace for under $20.

Flawless Beauty Mini Fridge

I just got this fridge one week ago and I love it! I have always wanted a skincare fridge because cold skincare just feels better on the skin. The fridge gets pretty cold so I would recommend just putting moisturizers, lip balms, face masks, and skincare supplies in it. They have many fridges on Amazon but this one had the best reviews and I can they were right that this is the best.

Nespresso Storage Drawer

I bought a Nespresso and it is game-changing. I've always tried to make my own iced coffee drinks but it never worked out. With the Nespresso Barista Creation pods, my iced coffees are better than ever and I ordered my pods and organization storage from Amazon. The organizer above is so cute because you place the pods in the drawer and place the Nespresso at the top. I may make an Iced Coffee Recipe post in the near future as well.

Amazon Smart Plug

You need this in your life if you're lazy like me. You basically just tell your Echo what you want to turn on or off and it does it. These are perfect for different appliances, electronics, and lights around the house. They are a bit pricey but if you are an Amazon Prime member then you get Deals of the Day. I was able to get my plug for just .99 cents one day. 

Acne Body Wash

I am so glad that I finally found an affordable acne wash. I used the Murad Acne Wash for a while but it's really expensive and I rather not spend $50 on a body wash every month. This wash works really good and has been clearing up my chest and back acne. It's under $5 and smells great too. If you need a wash to help clear body acne for the summertime then I recommend this product.

That's a wrap for this blog post and I hope my favorites inspired you to try out some products for yourself. My Amazon storefront is filled with many other items and is updated constantly. Follow me on Amazon to stay tuned for new products and follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with my life.

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