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Happy Friday! With a 100% vote on yesterday's Instagram poll, I am going to share my favorite Trader Joe's essentials with you all in today's post. This post isn't sponsored by Trader Joe's even though I wish it was. I just want to share my favorite products with my honest reviews based on taste and price. Trader Joe's is cheaper than many grocery stores and I have resorted to making it my default place to shop. Money could be a bit tight right now so it's not a bad idea to save money when you can.

Now... time for my favorites! 

Jumbo Cinnamon Rolls - $3.99 each
These are amazing. You only get 4 rolls in a pack but they are bigger than the average Pillsbury cinnamon roll. I cook them for nine minutes for the perfect taste. They are really good and it is hard not to have more than one at one time.

Pizza Dough - $1.29 each
The first thing we need to discuss is how inexpensive the dough is. Ideally, if you already have cheese and sauce at home then you can make a pizza for a $1. The pizza turns out really good but I couldn't tell you much about the preparation of it. I buy it and my brother cooks it, but it turns out really good. You can see the final result on my Meals, Instagram Story.

Mandarian Orange Chicken - $4.99 per pack
If I could choose one Trader Joe's item to eat for the rest of my life, this would be it. I am in love with this chicken and you definitely already know that if you follow me on Instagram. No other frozen Asian chicken compares to this one- not even those P.F. Changs boxes. The chicken tastes good even without the mandarin sauce. I pair this meal with some Organic Jazmine Rice which I also purchase at Trader Joes. I cook the chicken in the oven for 18 minutes for the perfect crispy taste. I haven't tried cooking them in the air-fryer yet but I will soon.

Pork Potstickers - $2.99
These are amazing and are great to eat with the Mandarin Orange Chicken. I am such a huge fan of potstickers and these do not disappoint. I personally like them fried but putting them in the microwave doesn't take away from the great taste. This pack is pretty big and contains a good amount of potstickers.

Mini Ice Cream Cones - $2.99 each
These cones are the perfect dessert for when you have a sweet tooth. The cones are really tiny but it could help shape portion controls for any temptations. The cones taste so fresh and the ice cream is even better. They also have vanilla, chocolate, and swirl flavors.

Check Out My Entire Trader Joe's Haul Down Below:

That is a wrap for this post and I hope you are planning to visit your nearest Trader Joes to try out some of these favorites. I love so many other items but it would just be too long to name them all. My other favorite thing from Trader Joe's is their flowers. They are always so beautiful and priced affordably. I got two bouquets today for less than $20. My bill for all of my items was $100 which is good for all the items I got (some items I even got double of) and it would have been more expensive anywhere else. If you want to see my meals and other food discoveries then make sure to follow me on Instagram.

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