A Day In My Quarantine Life

Happy Friday! April is almost over but it doesn't look like quarantine is going to be anytime soon. I posted a couple of polls on my Instagram so you guys can cast your vote on the content you want to see on my blog so this post is the winner of the first poll. I was looking forward to doing a shopping haul but I may film one on IGTV or review products later in a post. Every day looks different for me because of my actual job but Thursdays are dedicated "blog" days so I decided to document everything I did yesterday. This post will include my routine, recipes, outfits, product favorites, and more.

10:00 a.m.: I finally got out of bed at this time. I usually wake up around 7 or 8 because I am used to getting up at that time for work but I go back to bed to sleep in more. Today, I decided to take a shower to feel refreshed and motivated for the day. So, I thought I would show you some of my shower essentials during my shaving and hair-washing days.

These are my all-time favorites because they all do their job higher than my expectations and make me smell good. Shop them here: Trader Joe's Shaving CreamTea Tree ShampooDove Body WashRazor, and Body Butter.

10:15 a.m.: I got ready to shoot a post for a brand on Instagram that is going live today. I have been shooting in my home recently and testing out different areas to shoot. I usually do my makeup and hair for photos but for this shoot, I just wanted to be all-natural since I was fresh out of the shower. You can check out the post on my Instagram. You can order the comfy jeans here: Butter Jeans

11:00ish a.m.: It didn't take me that long to shoot the content because I was just focusing on one look but I will shoot more later on today. I decided I was feeling like a Mcdonald's breakfast burrito but I made my own version at home.

You need peppers to get that flavor just like McDonald's burritos and I got a frozen bag of them from Trader Joe's (because they are already chopped and nobody got time to do that). The top left picture has all the other ingredients I used and most of these things you probably have in your home. Lastly, I heated up two tortillas and made my own little breakfast tacos. 

12:00 pm.: After I cleaned up and ate my breakfast, it was time to edit the pictures that I shot earlier and answer some emails. I use my phone to edit all my pictures and my favorite apps are Lightroom, Facetune, Snapseed, and Over. I also have an excel spreadsheet with "to-dos" for my blog each week so I completed those to-dos.

2:30 p.m.: It was time for a lunch break and of course, I was craving Chicken Tenders. We decided to get Cheddar's and order the family bundle which is a really good deal. You get 16 tenders, two-family sides, and six croissants for just $20. This isn't sponsored but I thought it was a great deal to share with you all.

3:00 p.m.: I just sat on the couch and caught up on a lot of Youtube videos. I also used this time to start writing this blog post and answer more emails as they came in.

6:30 p.m.: I started my workout around this time. I don't workout every day but I try to when I can and feel motivated. I have been doing the Planet Fitness Facebook workouts lately but I love The Fitness Marshall on Youtube as well. He does dance/workout videos and they are so fun if you want a change in workout. I play the videos on my TV and usually just workout in my room.

7:15 pm.: I showered all my sweat away and did my nightly skincare routine. I just ordered a lot of stuff from Savage X Fenty including the loungewear set I am wearing tonight. Shop it down below:

I use the Neutrogena Wipes to take off my makeup and wash my face in the shower with a cleanser. I just bought this Cleansing Gel so I don't know if I love it yet but it does do a great job taking off excess makeup. I shaved my face with my Flawless Beauty Dermaplane and I love the light feature on it. To moisturize my face, I use the Tarte h2O Moisturizer and Belif Eye Bomb.

7:45 p.m.: I used the chicken tenders from lunch and mixed it with some leftovers in the fridge and made chicken parmesan. 

8:00 p.m.: It's Kardashian night. So I will be enjoying a new episode, finishing this blog post, and catching some Zzzzzzzz. Thank you for following along my day and make sure you are following me on Instagram to see many more days. 

Comment down below what you are up to during the quarantine!

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  1. Love your post and I am about to order the face razor because I need it.