At-Home Photoshoot Essentials

Happy Friday! Another Friday and just another day in quarantine. I'm getting used to it but still looking forward to being able to go to the mall and Disney soon. I just registered for my online graduation and it made this whole thing feel even more real. I hope we can return to our normal lives very soon. 

I've been getting a lot of requests to show I take my photos and the equipment I use so I will be sharing that with you all today.


4. My Phone 

This isn't everything but these are the essential items I use for my pictures. Your phone works for photos and I used my phone for a long time and still use it as my go-to for outfit photos. Amazon also has other affordable ring lights you can purchase but I just linked the one I have.

Photo Tips

  • Use a curtain or sheet for a backdrop. I usually just thumbtack them to the wall.
  • Self-timer is your best friend. Canon has an app so you can use your phone as the remote and you can even see the photo in real-time.
  • If you wear glasses like me... place the ring light on top of you so the reflection doesn't show in your lenses.
  • Lighting is everything. I love taking my selfies in front of windows. Sunlight will always be the best light.
  • Don't worry about the perfect photo because editing can fix any lighting, shadows, and color issues.
  • Have fun and be confident.
This is the perfect time to curate your brand on social media so if you just have your phone and sunlight that is really all you need. It's not about the equipment but the creativity you have in your photo. 

Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see the photos I take during quarantine and everything that I am doing during this time. 

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