Affordable Workout Wear

Happy Fitness Friday! I know that we all want to start off this new decade by putting our mind and body in the healthiest state that it can be in, that's why I am so happy to create a post that will help you get there. Going to the gym can be a very vulnerable and intimidating experience but the perfect workout wear can change that. If you feel confident in what you wear then the confidence you lack from anything else will come out. In today's post, I am going to show you guys how you can treat yourself to cute and affordable activewear. 

My main advice to find great deals is by these two words: CLEARANCE SECTION! Personally, I like checking out the clearance section before anything else. Every store usually has a clearance section but the tricky thing is how much of your size do they actually have. I feel like everyone is an XL/XXL because I never see as many items. 

Another way to find cheap workout wear is by finding out a stores' deals and coupons. Especially during this time of year, many stores are having sales that promote their activewear because that is a popular demand this time of year. Take advantage of that and do your research..apply those coupons on top of those sales. I love using Rakuten to find the best coupons and get cash back from my purchases as well.

The last thing I would suggest is visiting your favorite name brands outlets, factory, and clearance stores. They usually carry the best deals for your favorite brand and have an additional discount on top of the sale price. I visited my local Nike Clearance Store and got six pieces of activewear for less than $100. I posted a haul of these items on my Instagram and you can purchase them for yourself down below.

That is a wrap for today's blog post and I hope I was able to help you score the best deals for some new activewear this year. Stay tuned for a new post next week that is related to foooood.

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