Summer Survival Guide For Disney World

Yesterday I headed to the most happiest and overpriced place on earth (Disney World). I headed to one of the four parks called the Magic Kingdom and I did lots of pre-planning to make sure I had a successful day. Today, I am going to share with you all my tips and tricks to save you the most money and help you have a chill day at Disney this Summer.

Buying Tickets & Setting Up Fastpasses

Disney tickets are expensive anyway so I suggest buying them before heading to the park. Also, if you already have your tickets you can pre-plan three fast passes to use. I suggest doing this at least two weeks in advance because in the summertime it can get really busy and the good fast passes can be taken quickly. In Florida, it tends to rain almost every day so pulling up a 30-day forecast wouldn't hurt just to make sure your day won't be ruined. That's what I did and I just kept checking in on the weather as the date approached closer.  My suggestion to use your fast passes on are Space Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Splash Mountain. These rides usually always have the longest wait times. Download the Disney App as well to set up or change your fast pass experience and see the wait times for rides. The app is also paired with google maps so it also can be used as a GPS to go from one land to another.

Packing a Bag & Meal Planning

Bringing a bag to Disney is a personal decision because there are pros and cons for both sides. If you don't bring one then I believe you are planning to spend money on food and drinks but you don't have to wait in the security lines or carry something all day. But if you do bring a bag you can pack all your favorite snacks and drinks and access them at any time.

The night before I made sandwiches (4 was more than enough for the day) and brought chips and cookies. I put my sandwiches in a lunch box with an ice pack so they would stay fresh all day. I also packed two Arizona Juices and two Water Bottles. The park has water fountains around that you can always fill up your bottle at and most restaurants give out free iced water.


Did you know that you can park for free at Disney without an Annual Pass? Well, you can, but its a hassle. You can park at Disney Springs than take a bus to a Disney Resort than ride the monorail to the park. But I didn't do that because after a long day going through all that seems like a lot of trouble and the $22 parking seems worth it. Also, Disney Springs opens at 10 a.m. and to get to the Magic Kingdom I would have probably been in at 12 p.m. But I was in this line to get in the park at 8:56 a.m. and got in the park at 10:00 a.m.

Monorail or FerryBoat?

I took the FerryBoat to the park and back to the parking. Though the FerryBoat is slow and takes longer to get to the designated area there is never a line to get on the boat. Usually, just a crowd and everyone fits. Also, the breeze of the water in this heat is a nice feeling.

Capturing the Fun

The best part of Disney in the summer is the lighting that the sun provides. Take advantage of that and capture every moment you want because you are paying a lot of money to be there so make sure to capture every moment that makes you smile. You can see I am wearing a 1st Visit Pin just to capture the tourist feeling. These pins are located at various shops on Main Street.

Thank you for reading my Summer Survival Guide for Disney World and I hope it makes you preplan your trip to make it even more fun!

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