Putt Putt! This Summer Trend Won't Keep Your Mouth Shut

 If I told you that today's weather was 100 degrees I wouldn't be exaggerating. In times like this, I tell myself that Florida is the place I want to move far from because the heat is absolutely disgusting. While the weather discourages me from doing outside activities I still find a way to do them with the right outfit.

Today I decided to enjoy an old childhood activity and go mini golfing. The course I visited had an equal balance of beauty and fun which made me excited to play. My outfit consisted of an Off The Shoulder top paired with Linen Shorts and Lightweight Sneakers. 

My outfit was the perfect combination of cute and cool for being in the hot Florida sun. Wearing white may seem like a bad idea because of thought of getting dirty but while on the course your not around any dirt or real grass so its perfect. White is also the lightest and coolest color to wear. Linen shorts are a great addition to any summer outfit because they are thinner than other shorts making you not feel as hot. Lastly, white sneakers are great all year round because they go with every outfit. 

 Wearing an off the shoulder top also makes it easier for you to eat your summer favorites without directly making a mess on your shirt.

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