Get A Grip On Your Summer

Today, I am going to highlight one of my favorite cell phone accessories this year. In 2006, it was the cell phone charm but now recently PopSockets have become the accessory of the year. A company knows they have made it to the top when other companies steal their ideas and make "off brand" products. But don't buy fake PopSockets because you will regret it when it breaks. 

I love using PopSockets to take selfies and watch Youtube videos. These small circular phone stands help you have a better grip on your phone as well. I am a clumsy individual and can't thank PopSockets enough for helping me avoid cracking my phone. 

How can you get your own PopSocket? Well, I am teaming up with PopSockets to give you 15% off your order! Use my code KASSAYV to get the discount at checkout.  Share pictures of you with your PopSockets and tag me in them!

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