Spring Clean With Me!

Happy Friday! We all need some happy thoughts after all this coronavirus madness... like grocery stores are really out of food and toilet paper. Waking up every day is a blessing but it also feels like we are walking on eggshells to see what the next big announcement will be. Many places and schools have already closed across the country and it's hard to believe that we may be forced to stay in our homes until this blows over. So we should prepare to stay in a clean home at least and that's why I am going to share my tips and tricks for tackling spring cleaning. I also reorganized my closet which will be featured in this post but you can find all my room/closet/bathroom tours on my Instagram.

Why Spring Cleaning is Everything?

I don't think I go as hard for cleaning as I do during the spring season. It's the time to clean out your wardrobe and get rid of all the junk that is just taking up space. The photo above shows all the hangers that were occupied by all the clothes that I no longer wore or fit. Now it might show that I should be taking a break from shopping, but I made so much room in my closet that it feels like a boutique and not the clearance rack at Ross. 

I also cleaned my bathroom during my cleaning adventures and decided to try out some new cleaning supplies. My favorite one is the Foaming Bathroom Cleaner Eucalyptus Mint Spray by Method. Method's products are all clean and cruelty-free so you don't feel like your choking while cleaning the bathroom. The scents are amazing and they clean just as well as your traditional cleaning products. I also bought a Swiffer and I am obsessed with it. It was so helpful when mopping the bathroom and dusting my bedroom/closet.

My main tip for cleaning your closet is to just do it. Make sure you are available all day to clean it because it takes a while and you will feel exhausted after. I just sectioned out my closet and threw all my clothes on the bed and went through them one by one. The clothes I wanted to keep I just hung in the closet, but the rejects got thrown on the floor. It creates a mess but it will be an organized mess if you separate everything and easy to pick up at the end.

The Closet


The glow-up is real. I am so happy with how my closet turned out and it feels cozier as well. My top tip for organizing your closet is to utilize a space that works for what you have. For my shoes, I had to stack a pair on top of each other to make the most out of the top space. I used an over-the-door hanger to organize all my crossbody handbags instead of just shoving them all in that tiny bookshelf. I also suggest using the same hangers for all your clothes because it will make everything fit better. I use these hangers from Target: 18-Pack Hangers for $2

If you want to see my full closet tour you can check out my "room tour" highlight on my page. Make sure you're following me on Instagram as well to stay up to date with my everyday life and adventures.

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