November Beauty Favorites

Happy Tuesday! The holidays are headed our way and I have discovered so many amazing beauty products this past month. I am so excited to share with you my top beauty favorites this season and the benefits of each of them.

I got a facial earlier this month and this brand was recommended by my esthetician. I use the cleanser to wash my face and then the acid after. It makes my skin feel smooth and reduces blemishes.

I am guilty of just using generic wipes but those either make my face burn or don't completely take my makeup off. Therefore, these towelettes are great because they are packed individually and do just the trick.  

My favorite hair washes at the moment. I first discovered these at Whole Foods and now they are apart of my weekly hair routine. My hair feels so much lighter and healthier using this set and it is very affordable. 

Bath and Body Works has the best body creams ever! Their new fragrance Into The Night is currently all I wear. 

My favorite moisturizer that I have ever used...makes my skin feel smooth and not oily. I use this in the morning after applying the Lactic Acid.

I am a huge fan of lip gloss so when my girl Rhianna came out with a whole bundle... I had to try them. My favorite gloss is called Fussy (pictured above) and it is the perfect pink color. The glosses aren't even sticky and all of the colors look amazing on the lips.

This is my morning face wash. It is very refreshing in the morning because it smells good and makes the skin feel cool. It helps prevent acne and calm the skin (for tomato faces like me).

I have been struggling with finding a deodorant that doesn't make me smell after a couple of hours and I finally did. I love this deodorant because it doesn't create white marks on my clothes and it feels lightweight.

That is a wrap for my beauty favorites this season and comment down below your new favorites. Stay tuned for a special Black Friday deals post this week as well!

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