Food from O-Town: Tartini Express

Happy Friday and November 1st! My birthday is in four days and I couldn't be more excited. Sadly, this will be the last post of the Food from O-Town series but if you want to see more posts similar to this then make sure to follow me on Instagram @stayklassay. I feature local food that I eat in Orlando under the "Orlando Eats" highlight on my profile.

Located in the same plaza as redCone Ice Cream, Tartini Express is a local pizza joint in the Meadow Woods/ Lake Nona area. It is such a cute and quiet place to grab some amazing Italian food on a date night.

Featured in the photo above is the Italiana Pizza (12 inch) for $13.99. It features your favorite meats including pepperoni, ham, salami and is layered on top of fresh mozzarella cheese. The pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven which makes the crust very crispy and delicious. 

I had the chance to indulge in the Meatball sub for $8.99. The bread held in amazing meatballs with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. It comes with a side of their express fries that have parmesan sprinkled over them. I enjoyed my food and couldn't even eat the whole sub and took half of it home. 

If you want to give Tartini Express a try yourself you can visit their yelp page here: Tartini Express. Their page features their address, menu, and even options to have your food delivered or ordered for pick up. 

Thank you for following me along the Food from O-Town Series, but I am so happy to hop back into fashion and beauty posts for the upcoming season so stay tuned. 

P.S. All opinions of the food are completely honest and I did not receive a complimentary meal in exchange for a post.

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