The Perfect Shoes For Your Prom Dress

Happy Shoesday Tuesday! Today on the blog, I am going to share with you some tips to find the perfect shoes for your prom dress. Finding your shoes is the next part in building your outfit for the big night. I suggest buying your Prom dress before buying your shoes. Check out my recent blog post to find some Affordable Prom Dresses.

Finding the perfect shoes can be difficult because you want to make sure they are cute and comfortable. I decided to go with a lower heel for my dress because my dress didn't need to be raised as much and a lower heel is easier to walk and dance in. I matched my dress with the bottom part of my dress and you can see my outfit reveal on Sunday's post.

I created some color inspiration boards that have a variety of heels in different colors. When choosing the perfect shoe, you need to make sure that the shoe will make your dress pop for the night. Keep that in mind while looking at the shoe guide. Also, make sure you get the appropriate heel height for your particular dress and your walking capabilities. 




That's a wrap for today's blog post and stay tuned for tomorrow's post to find out how to get the perfect jewelry and accessories for your dress. 

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