Affordable Prom Makeup Look

An important thing besides your dress on Prom night is probably your makeup look. In today's post, I am going to tell you my go-to look for a formal occasion using many products and highlighting the makeup brand Flesh Beauty. Flesh beauty products transform your face into the best you using your flesh colors. I will also be using other affordable drugstore makeup products to complete the look as well.

I clean my face with Simple Micellar Cleansing Water to get any excess dirt off my face. I applied the Flesh Beauty Primer on my face to hydrate the skin and make the makeup application better. 

I am using the Flesh Thickstick Foundation in the shade creme brulee and I blend it out with a beauty blender.

Moving on to the eyes, I am adding some concealer to my eyelids and blending it out with my finger. I am now applying the Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder (shade Medium) over the concealer that I applied on my eyelids with a brush.  

For eyeshadow, I am using the Flesh Beauty Eyeshadow Palette #1 and I am focusing on applying the three shades Touch, Taste, and Unveil. I am applying the shade Touch at the upper part of the eye and the shade Unveil on the eyelid. I use the shade Taste to combine the shades together.

For liner, I am using the Ulta Beauty Classic Felt Tip Liner in black. After I apply the liner, I add more of the Unveil shade to the eyelid. The mascara I am applying to my lashes is the Ulta Beauty Ultimate Lashes Mascara.

I am now moving back to the main part of my face and applying the Flesh Beauty Double Concealer in the shade Peachy Beige.
I am going to set the concealer again with the Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder (shade Medium).

My eyebrows are complete after brushing them out and filling them in with the Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil in the shade Dark Brown. I like to add the Ulta Beauty Clear Brow Shaping Gel to make the shape stick as well. 

While the powder is still sitting, I am going to contour my face using the NYX Wonder Stick (shade Universal) and apply it to the cheekbones and jawline areas. I then blend it out with a beauty blender. I am going to wipe off the excess powder on my face using a brush.

I am then going to apply a powder bronzer to places on my face that I want to warm up a bit. I am using the Ulta Beauty Matte Bronzer Powder in the shade Warm and applying it with the Ulta Beauty Cheek Brush. 

The lipstick I am using is the Flesh Beauty Fleshy Lips in the shade Chew. I am basically "painting" them on with a lip brush so it goes on as accurately as possible. I apply the Colourpop Ulta Glossy Lip in the shade Phew over my lips to make them pop more and match with my gold eyeshadow. 

I am using the Flesh Beauty Tender Blush in the shade Pulse and I use a brush to apply a little bit on my cheeks. I like to blend it out with my fingers as well.

Highlight time! I am using the Flesh Beauty Highlighting Balm in the shade Pinky. I am also applying the eyeshadow shade Escapee to the inner corners of my eyes. I am finishing off by adding eyeshadow and mascara to the bottom lashes and eyes.

I love this FLESHSPOT by Flesh Beauty. In the shade Disco Nap, I love applying it to my cheeks and eyes.

I set the entire makeup look with this Ulta Beauty Dewy Makeup Spray.

That's a wrap for today's blog post and stay tuned for tomorrow via Instagram stories @stayklassay to my preparations for Prom.

Thank you Flesh Beauty for gifting me some makeup products for this blog post.

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