Pack With Me For NYC (& Helpful Packing Tips)

In today's blog post, you are going to see what I will be packing for my upcoming trip to New York City! I am so excited to be going to New York but I am not prepared for the cold weather over there. Next week, I will be posting a travel diary about my few days in the city and I will update you all on whether I survived or not. But for now, scroll down below to see things I will be packing in my suitcase and helpful tips for your future travels.

Carry-On Items

The personal/carry-on bag is one of the most important bags for traveling because you need to make sure you include all your necessities inside of it. These necessities include but are not limited to a laptop, gum, and chapstick. For my trip to New York, I will be adding some outerwear accessories to my bag because when I arrive the weather will be 18 degrees and I am going to need to layer these pieces together. I currently ordered some texting gloves from Amazon and they work great! Order them here: Women's Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves Lined Thick Lady Touch Screen Texting Glove

Personal Care

Travel size beauty items are one of the most difficult things to gather when going on a trip because you have to make sure your products don't exceed TSA requirements. Instead of going through the hassle, I just bought a clear security case full of empty bottles. This is perfect because I can just put the products I already use every day into each container. You can buy the travel case here: TSA Compliant Travel Bottles and Toiletry Bag Kit

Planning The Outfit

I suggest planning your outfits ahead of time so that they are ready to wear for your trip. This will cause you less stress for your trip and it will eliminate over or under-packing. I like to spread out clothing items on my bed and then just create outfits from there. Make sure to include everything like accessories and undergarments so that you don't miss a key part of your outfit. Since I will be going to New York, I need to make sure I pack enough layers of clothing and have appropriate outwear pieces like a beanie and scarf. Stay tuned for my travel diary next week to shop my looks.

Packing The Outfit

 Once you plan out all your outfits, pack them up together. For example, I put my shirt, underwear, and bra inside my jeans and then fold up the pair of jeans. I put the socks in my jean pocket and I could even put a belt around the jeans. Rolling is a great way to fit lots of clothes in a suitcase but I like this way better. It makes my luggage flat and the clothes are easily accessible and are recognizable. I was able to fit 6 outfits in small carry-on luggage. I am also only going to wear two pairs of shoes so one I will wear to the airport and the other pair will be packed. 

That is a wrap for my Pack With Me! I hope you got some useful tips from it and I can't wait to post the travel diary next week. If you want to see everything I do on my trip make sure you are following me on Instagram @stayklassay to follow along. See you next week!

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