Blogmas Day 22-23: Wrap Christmas Presents With Me!

We are three days away from Christmas and I just finished buying and wrapping presents. For Blogmas Day 22, I wanted to share with you the best tips to make gift wrapping very stress-free and fun at the same time. Also, if you want to jazz up your gifts this season then continue reading this post. 

First, you need to set up a designated wrapping area away from the present peekers. I chose to wrap my presents inside my bedroom and lay down a comforter on the floor because that is where I will be sitting and wrapping gifts at. I made sure to place everything I needed on the floor so that I wouldn't have to get up at all.

Candy is very important! It's a great way to snack while wrapping and could also be a great addition to anyone's gift (even stocking stuffers!!). Make sure to buy candy that tastes really good and not Russell Stovers...

Speaking of great stocking stuffers... I heard scratch-off tickets are the perfect gift for anyone. You can put them inside holiday cards or stockings. 

That is all for Blogmas Day 22nd! I wish you all good luck while wrapping up your gifts and this holiday season.

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