Blogmas Day 1: Christmas Crack Recipe

Happy Blogmas! During the month of December, I will be posting every day until the 25th (Christmas) with life and style posts related to the holidays. While I celebrate Christmas, I will not just surround my posts around Christmas but the holiday season in general. Stay tuned for recipes, gift guides, OOTDs, events, and much more. 

For Blogmas Day 1, I will be sharing a highly requested recipe that I will no longer keep a secret anymore. Accept this as your first gift from me during the holiday season. This recipe will bring your friends and family together to enjoy a delicious and addicting treat. It is also a great treat to give as gifts or have at your holiday party. 

Once you gather all your materials from your local supermarket, you are ready to make this delicious snack in less than 30 minutes.

After you wash your hands, pick out a big enough bowl and a measuring cup (1 cup) to mix all your ingredients and another bowl to melt the almond bark in. 

Christmas Crack Cooking Guide Step By Step

  1. After you get a designated mixing bowl, open the box of Crispex and pour six cups into the bowl.
  2. Next, open the box of cheerios and pour four cups into the bowl.
  3. Following the previous step, you will open the bag of pretzels and pour four cups into the bowl.
  4. After you open the can of peanuts, you can pour two cups into the bowl.
  5. Once all the ingredients are inside the bowl, you can mix them around with your hands.

  • Now you are prepared to heat up the almond bark and place the mix flat on a stable counter, island, or table.
  • Place the entire almond bark bar into a bowl and place it into the microwave for 60 seconds. After this, stir and put the bowl back into the microwave and keep heating up the almond bark in 15-second intervals and stirring until it is melted completely.

  • Make sure that you have poured your entire mix on wax paper or aluminum foil so that it is prepared to have the melted bark poured over it.
  • Now pour the bowl full of melted almond bark all over the mix. You will have to use a spatula to make sure every section of the mix contains almond bark.
  • After you pour out all the almond bark, let the mix dry for thirty minutes and then it is ready to eat. You can split it into mini bags or a giant bowl for storage.

That is all for the Christmas crack recipe and the first day of Blogmas. To follow along with my holiday festivities you can check out my Instagram @stayklassay for all the behind-the-scenes.  

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