I Made My Nike Merchandise More Klassay Instead Of Burning It

Happy Friday Guys! For the second time this week, I am sharing my beliefs with you guys... that's crazy. Well, not really. The fashion industry is constantly surrounded by controversial ideas whether it has to do with a certain trend, designer, or company. Just this week, Nike has been popping up all over our news feeds and if you don't know why then you might be living under a rock. I am not here to report on the Nike situation but I do support Nike in everything they are doing. Kaepernick being the face of their 30th anniversary Just Do It campaign actually makes me respect them more. 

Why doesn't everyone feel this way though? Many think Kaepernick is a disrespect to our nation. Kaepernick didn't disrespect our country but fought for what he believes in and is being a part of the road to change that minorities have been driving on for a long time. 

The outrage of his "disrespectful action" are giving others a "good excuse" to burn their shoes and other Nike merchandise. I won't be burning anything anytime soon and in fact, I want to show you guys how you can incorporate your Nike merchandise into a more chic look. 

Outfit #1

I love this outfit because the black skirt really makes the shirt stand out more. The shirt is apart of the Nike Sportswear collection and gives me a vintage vibe. To make this look pop out more I added gold hoops and headband. The buttons on the skirt are also gold so it ties the whole outfit together. A nice pair of Nike Cortez will be the final touch to the look. 

Shop the Look:
I could not find my entire look anywhere online. However, my top is from Nike and the skirt is from Cato's. I purchased these items a while ago and they may no longer be available.

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Outfit #2

You know why Nike also rocks? Because they cater to the plus size community and have more than just an XXL like other companies. This rosy pink long sleeve is apart of their plus size collection. I decided to make this a fall outfit by adding this dark floral corduroy skirt (someone is selling it on Poshmark). My accessories of choice were big silver studs to not distract from the rosy pink sunglasses. A pair of white Air Force's would complete the outfit. 

Shop the Look:
I could not find this top anywhere but I purchased it from Macy's in their Nike Plus Size Women's section. The skirt I have had for over a year and is no longer available. I did find the skirt on Poshmark and it is linked above.

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That is a wrap for today's blog post! I hope you enjoyed the posts this week and learned that fashion can affect almost anything including politics. Next week get ready for some more store sales and fall essentials.

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