Blah Blah Blah! The Fashion Rule I Am Breaking This Season

I can't believe that the long holiday weekend is over because I need at least three more days to recover. I snagged some good deals this weekend and I hope that you all did too. Today, I wanted to do something a little different on my blog and give my opinion on a certain rule that surrounds the culture that is all over the fashion industry. I think whether you are a fashionista or not, you have heard of one of the biggest fashion rules of "NOT WEARING WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY". It might seem reasonable in the sense of trends and seasonal colors but this rule is actually based off of the distinction of classes (and not school classes but classes of wealth).

It all started back in the day (the 19th century) when they decided that wearing white after labor day was just not right. They used this rule to separate two types of people as they referred to as those of "old" and "new" money. If you wore white after labor day it just showed that you weren't as "klassay" or kool as the other group. It is definitely a sense of privileged points back in the day and a root of history in the harsh standards of fashion. However, on this blog, you are still a klassay gal wearing your white jeans in December. 

White is one of my favorite colors and it looks good on my skin complexion. Therefore, why would I want to completely remove it from my wardrobe this season? Well, the answer is I won't because white can definitely look so nice mixed with fall's aesthetic and I don't care about the status of "wealth" that I fall under. 

Loving fashion and being fashionable isn't about what you can afford or how much your outfit costs but it definitely surrounds the blogging world a lot. Around this community, I've seen bloggers trying to "flex" to their readers and as a reader myself... I just don't like that. I get the difference between quick fashion and designer clothing and trust me I love some designer. I am also a believer in quality over quantity. However, I know my audience and I know that most of my readers are teenagers who have a minimum wage job that can barely support the basics. So, why would I write a post about a bag that costs more than possible rent if my audience can't afford that and I can't either? Even if I can afford it, I would give affordable and realistic options so that my readers feel like they can look chic for a cheaper price. I try to do that and also do a great job of showing my audience the hacks of never paying full price.

Trends and colors are also an important aspect of the fashion world but they are just guidelines in my opinion. If you have a unique and great style you can possibly rock any color during any season. There is no need to throw out your wardrobe every season because of new trends. Instead, reinvent your clothing and see how you can rock it in the next season. To achieve this, try to buy clothes that can be versatile and be worn several types of ways.

To wrap up this discussion, it's ok to buy a trendy bucket bag this season but it doesn't have to be by the top designers just to seem like you belong in this blogging community or in life in general. Rock your style the way you want and don't let any fashion rules restrict you from embracing that. 

Comment below how you will be rocking white this fall!

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