Visiting Foxtail Coffee Co.

On my day off, I decided to try out a new coffee shop in the area. I decided to stop at Foxtail Coffee Co. since I have seen it on everyone's Instagram feed lately. Located in the Winter Park area the coffee shop already had a fancy and classy feel to it. The location I went to also had the farmhouse attached to it.

In the coffee shop, they serve a variety of different foods and beverages. They have pastries, lunch items, coffee, and even cocktails. But my order was pretty simple with an order of a cappuccino and an Oreo donut. Did I mention they sell Valkyrie Donuts? I was so excited because I've always wanted to try their donuts but I never have the chance to drive all the way to the bakery's location. 

Ah, the classic cappuccino picture. This was my first time drinking a hot cappuccino and personally, it wasn't my favorite. Though the drink looks pretty it has a very bland taste to it that I just did not like. 

This location also has a nice marble laptop bar that you can charge your laptop at and see how different orders are made. Between the food and the setting, I did enjoy my time at Foxtail Coffee. When I visit again I would like to explore some other items on the menu. 

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