Dress Code Hacks For Warmer Weather

In Orlando, the temperature has been in the 80s but it has felt much higher. It is time to throw those hoodies and sweaters under the bed and bust out the shorts and tanks. Since I go to school I have to dress in a “dress code” but I challenge the dress code all the time because I go to college as well where it doesn’t even matter what you wear. Student’s bring to my attention in high school that I am out of dress code but only because the school’s have made it such a big deal. However, my teachers aren’t bothered by it because I am still learning and working whether I am showing my shoulder’s or not. Now I am not big and bold all the time but I do have some strategies to help you guys break the dress code because of the weather. You will still look appropriate and comfortable and that’s what’s important.

Tank Top Tactics

When I started attending public school tank tops were allowed however, the three-finger rule was in place. Now that I am in high school, tank tops have just been thrown out completely. But tank tops are so comfy and appropriate for warmer weather.

What do I do?

I bring an extra cardigan or jean jacket so if I am told to go to discipline I can just throw that on.

I also wear my hair loose so they can’t see if my shoulders are showing or not.
I also wear my backpack on one shoulder so I only have to worry about covering the other one.

Don’t make a big deal about what you are wearing.

Shorty Shorts

Ok, now we all know that the school doesn’t want to see our butts. Quite frankly I don’t want to see that either but as long as your butt is covered I think it's ok to wear.  

What do I do?

I follow a 1-inch rule between my butt and my leg.

For denim shorts, I roll them up and if I get a notice that I am out of dress code then I will just roll them back down.

I personally really like old navy and forever 21 shorts and they are school-appropriate.

Off the Shoulder Scandal

The off the shoulder trend has been very popular this past year but the schools have never established the rules based on it. Because even though we are showing our shoulders we are also wearing sleeves. Therefore where those shirts and rock them. In case someone says something this is what you can do…

What do I do?

Since the shirts have sleeves you can pull them up to cover your shoulders when walking through the hallways.

Wear both straps on my backpack to cover my bare shoulders.

Bring a light short sleeve cardigan to just cover your shoulders to whoever it may bother.

Crop Top Stops

Showing our stomachs is such a sin!!! But they see it at the beach and stuff so it’s ok to show a little stomach if it’s not too much. I don’t really wear crop tops but I do like tying up my t-shirts.

What do I do?

Wear high-rise shorts or jeans so not much stomach is showing.

Tie a flannel around your waist to cover the stomach.

Pull the shirt down when walking.

Holey Moley

The most common known violation is the holes in pants. Working at a retail store I always hear parents yelling at their kids who pick out jeans with holes because they can’t wear them to school. But honestly little holes by pockets are not a big deal at all and teachers shouldn’t be looking at you that “hard”. Although tights under your pants can be a technique it’s getting hot and that’s just uncomfortable.

What do I do?

Buy jeans that have little holes anywhere.

Bigger hole jeans just tend not to wear.

I wear jeans with a lot of holes but I make sure there is more denim than holes.

To cover any holes I would recommend carrying a textbook or laptop in front of you covering your thigh holes.

That's a wrap for my dress code secrets! I hope these help you guys be a little cooler with the hotter weather. Especially if your school doesn't have the AC working sometimes as well.

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