Winter In Florida

Happy Friday! I don't understand why it is so cold in Florida right now and why my fingers can barely type at this moment. But cold weather is low-key my favorite because I get to bust out my favorite type of clothing which is winter clothing.

Sweater weather is truly the best weather. It makes up for the other 364 days of the year in Florida where I must wear shorts or short sleeves. I get to bust out the boots probably five times throughout the year as well.

The sweater I am wearing in these photos is the Hensley Green and White Striped Crop Sweater from the Forever 21 Plus Collection. I love Forever 21 Plus sweaters because they fit on my body so cute and it makes me feel more comfortable to be a bigger size. Plus size girls can wear crop tops too!!!

You may be asking "why the fence" in all my pictures and it just represents the barrier that Florida has that makes me not get to experience a real winter.

The jeans complimenting my crop sweater are from Torrid. I love Torrid jeans because they are high wasted and pick up all my thighs and butt. Most brands don't make jeans true to size or true to fit and I always have a problem being able to fit my entire butt or thighs in my true size. I am a 14 to 16 in Torrid jeans and they make me feel more confident than ever.

As I close out this blog post, I want to remind you all that you are beautiful no matter what or how your body type is formed. Don't aspire to look like anyone else but yourself because you are meant to be you. Embrace your size and your style and your confidence will take you so far.

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