My 5 Go-To Wardrobe Items

Happpy Monday Guyssssss! Today I will show you my five go-to items to wear when I can't think of a complete outfit to wear. These five items can always guide me in the right direction.

1. The Black Shoes

A black shoe is needed in everyone's closet.
Black goes with everything so if you are having difficulty selecting a shoe to wear you can always go back to black. I have black sneakers, black sandals, black sperry's, and black flats. This is a must for me and I don't know what I would do without a black pair of shoes.

2. The Denim Jacket

I love the denim jacket because it goes with 
everything and looks super cute. Especially
if you want to wear a dress or shirt that
doesn't cover your shoulders, this is the 
the perfect way to have sleeves and still
wear what you want. 

3. The Romper

Rompers have become so popular and fashionable that even men are buying and wearing them. I suggest having as many rompers as possible because it's just one outfit rather than picking out a shirt and a pair of pants. They are super comfortable and great for activities in the hot weather.

4. The Blue Jean

Of course, having blue jeans is always a must in anyone's closet. Jeans can go with everything like graphics, tank tops, off-the-shoulder tops, button-ups, sweaters, hoodies, and the list goes on and on. The jeans I am wearing in this picture are actually the all-time favorite in my collection. They are from Old Navy and are super thin and comfortable. Purchase your own here: BEST JEANS EVER

5. The Black Dress

If you are knowledgeable in wardrobe essentials then you are probably familiar with the saying "every girl needs a little black dress". This dress is intended to wear for any occasion and any time. The dress I am wearing in the picture is actually a long black tank top and I wore it as a shirt in my homecoming week post. You can check out the picture following this link: Homecoming Day 1 

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