Homecoming looks with affordable outfit links are included down below:

Monday: Meme Day

Today was Meme Day but I really couldn't think of a good meme so I turned to a vine instead. I decided to be this little girl and carry around an American Girl Box all day. The outfit she was wearing was a little too hot for Florida weather but it did inspire my look. 

Today's Look:

Shoes: Nine West $20
Jeans: Kohl's $39.99
Tank Top: Burlington Coat Factory $1.98
Kimono: Old Navy Do not remember this product price but no longer sold
American Girl: American Girl $115

Tuesday: Tacky Tourist Day

Today was Tacky Tourist day and instead of going with the usual flower button-down with some colored shorts, I wore a dress instead. People wouldn't really say tacky but average but still, it was cute and fit into the theme. I am also wearing some really old lady-looking sandals that I see most moms wear on vacation.

Today's Look:      

Flower dress: Forever 21 $15.90
White Sandals: Rockport $55

Wednesday: Celebrity Day

So for Celebrity day I wasn't sure who to be and couldn't think of a celebrity that I looked like either. I couldn't pull off the Selena Quintanilla look so I just threw on a shirt with some boyfriend jeans and some short heel boots. 

Today's Look:

Selena Shirt: Forever 21 $15.90
Boyfriend Jeans: Old Navy $32
Short Heel Boots: JCPenny $200

Thursday: Crazy Orange and White Day

Today was Orange and White day to represent the school colors and to show school pride. My outfit came together really cute and I wore white converse as a pop of color.

Today's Look:
Orange Graphic Tee: Old Navy $14
Black Pants: Torrid $43.97
White Converse: Converse $18 

P.S. The donuts featured in these photos were so amazing and still the same price as a regular donut and I recommend trying them soon at Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts Order:

Vanilla iced latte
Spooky Sprinkles Donut
The Spider Donut 

Friday: Music Festival Day

Yay, it is finally Friday!!!! Today was Music Festival Day and I decided to dress like I was going to Coachella with this cute and comfortable off-the-shoulder romper. I accessorized it with some off the ear heart hanging earrings with some plain black sandals and my hair pulled back with a blinged-out butterfly clip.

Today's Look:

Romper: Target $24.99
Sandals: Aldo $49.99
Earrings: Came in a free box lol
Butterfly Hairclip: Got this at a festival but here is a look-alike $11.50 

I hope you enjoyed the looks and you can purchase similar or the same looks with the links provided above. Enjoy your Friday loves!


  1. I was wondering if you could add the link to where you got the orange so hey shirt because I couldn't find it on the link you attached

    1. I bought this shirt in the store Old Navy so I have never seen it online and I purchased it at the beginning of summer so idk maybe ask an employee that works there

  2. I’m so glad you are doing this I always love your outfits at school

    1. Thank you so much I am excited to start this as well