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Happy Friday! I am so excited to share my workspace with all of you and I even revamped it to feel cozier and add more character to the space. My home office is located in my room which isn't ideal because mentally it can take a toll on you but over these past couple of months...I've been able to tell my mind the difference between work and personal life. I used to work in my bed but found it was harder to sleep at night and it's because my mind thought of my bed as a place of "work" so that's why I would have trouble falling asleep. Therefore, my desk became my new best friend.

My desk is from Ikea and it's a perfect size for my bedroom. I love the drawer compartments and the little side door that inside has three shelves to store binders, folders, books, and more. The computers featured in the picture above are supplied from my job but I use my personal laptop at my desk as well. My stationery supplies were purchased a couple of years ago from Target so I am unable to link those for you all.

My favorite addition to my home office is this circle shelf that I bought at Target. I looked around for circle shelves but I couldn't really find a gray one like the one above. It matches my room decor perfectly and is big enough to add all sorts of Nik Naks as time goes on. I have some decor from my office at work that is supposed to be getting mailed to me so I am just waiting on that package to add the finishing touches. I purchased my Coffee Fund money box at Homegoods but you can purchase a similar one at Hobby Lobby. The pumpkins on the shelf are from the dollar section at Target as well.

This organizer I purchased from Homegoods is amazing. Not only does it match my decor perfectly, but it's also another area to store any paperwork I have. I want to eventually get matching folders for the top and bottom shelf so it can be more appealing to the eye. You can shop a similar organizer here: Wall File Organizer

I also used Command Products to put up some canvas art in my room and I even used a command hook to hang my purse which I found to be convenient. Hanging up the circle shelf and organizer took some time with the tools and nails so I recommend checking out Command Products if you are looking for a no damage and tool-free-hanging job for your decor. This is also perfect if you are currently living in a dorm or renting an apartment that doesn't allow destruction to the walls.

That is a wrap for this blog post and if you want to see the behind-the-scenes of creating this post and collaborating with a brand then check out my Instagram!

Disclaimer: I am partnering with Command and Campus Trendsetters for this post.

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