What's In My College Backpack


Happy Friday! The back-to-school season came faster than I would've liked but it's here and I am prepared. I am still using a backpack for the online semester so I can store all my supplies in one place. It's also good to still have a reliable backpack just in case you need to travel somewhere or head back to campus later this year. I am going to share more about the backpack and the supplies down below. 

The backpack I am using this semester is the Vera Bradley Campus Backpack (Itsy Ditsy Pattern). This backpack has a great amount of storage for all my needs and is still stylish. You can check out my full backpack tour on my Instagram Stories which will show you how the inside of the backpack looks.

Covid-19 Supplies

We are still in the middle of a pandemic so everyone should have a face mask and sanitizer in their backpack as well. The front pocket of my backpack allows me to store these essentials and access them in an easy place. In the smaller pockets, I also love to store other essentials like my wallet, school id, chapstick, perfumes, snacks, and much more.

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Stationery Basics

 These supplies are meant to help you organize your thoughts, homework, and life. For online learning, I just use a physical planner, a folder to hold any printouts, and of course some pens and pencils.  I love using a planner because it helps me to manage my life and not lose my mind. I have recently invested in a planer from The Happy Planner and I am in love with it. Throughout the planner has cute dividers, colorful layouts, and inspirational messages. If you are looking for a quality and cute planner I suggest this one.

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Tech Essentials

Tech essentials are very important this semester since everything is digital. A computer is a must and I have a Macbook Pro and I love it. I've been using it since 2017 and I still don't have problems with it. Some other essentials you are going to need are headphones, mouse, adapter, charger, and more. I use a Bluetooth mouse and headphones on my computer because it is more convenient for me. 

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That is a wrap for my backpack essentials and I hope I was able to add something to your shopping list that you will really need this school year. If you have any other essentials that you use during the year, feel free to comment them down below! Follow me on Instagram to follow along with me during my semester.

Disclaimer: The backpack featured in this post was gifted to me but all opinions and thoughts are my own :)

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