Trick Or Treat: Halloween Baking For Lazy Girls

Halloween is tomorrow and that means it's time to treat yo self with some baked goods. Whether you're staying in or planning a Halloween party, this is the perfect time for baking some delicious sweets that require no effort. I am not skilled in cooking and I guess I could bake a little bit but I still like easy recipes. Check out this post to see the snacks I baked in all under an hour!

My baking supplies were all from Pillsbury because they are personally my favorite. The snacks I will be baking today are Chocolate Chip cookies and Funfetti cupcakes. I do not know how to make dough or cake mix by hand and that is why I choose to buy pre-packaged baking materials. It saves time, money, and gives you all the directions you need to make a masterpiece.

Shop The Materials:

Now I am not going to give ya'll a recipe because each of the baking products provide it for you but I will give you all some of my own tips. I like to bake the cupcakes first because they need to cool down so then they can be decorated. I then bake cookies and then go back to the cupcakes. The process is time efficient and creates less of a mess in the kitchen. My cooking times regardless of the instructions are as follows: Cookies (make 12 at a time and cook at 350 degrees for 14 minutes), Cupcakes (make 6 at a time and cook at 350 degrees for 15 minutes). For frosting, I like to spread it with a butter knife and then just sprinkle the sprinkles on top.

Above is the finished product! I am so proud of my "baking skills" and everyone seemed to enjoy them. If you are looking for an effortless baking activity this spooky season, then I suggest trying to bake one of these items.

I hoped you enjoyed today's post and stay tuned for BLOGMAS (December 1st-25th) for more food and baking related posts!

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