You have reached the Beauty section of my blog and it's one of my favorites. As you may know I don't wear makeup in my everyday lifestyle but I still have to do routinely things such as skin care routines and face masks to ensure my skin still looks poppin' all the time. Below you will see my reviews of different skin care products and masks from a variety of brands.

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Below you can check out my Sheet Mask reviews from the FaceTory  Four-ever Fresh Subscription!

When life hands you lemons, use sheet mask's my darlings! Today I tried out the Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheet Lemon that is included in the FaceTory January Subscription. I love the scent and taste of lemons so I was so excited to try this mask out. This was the first mask I tried in the subscription box and I am so glad I made this decision. I decided to use it on a day where I was pretty stressed and had a lot of homework to do and just wanted something to relax me and my skin. The mask's goals is to use Vitamin C to sooth your skin and relax you at the same time.


  • Easy packaging with an easy to peel feature in the top right corner to not get excess product on your hands when obtaining the mask.
  • Not only has a fresh scent but a fresh sensation on your face.
  • Fits amazing and tight on your face.
  • Only needs to be left on for 15 minutes so quick timing and convenient.
  • Excess product after removing the mask blends very well into skin.
  • The excess product was a bit too much and my face was too wet to apply moisturizer after. 
  • The packaging isn't entirely in English so I can't read everything the package has to offer. But the instructions were in English which was helpful.

If you are interested in getting this mask and 3 others you must subscribe for the FaceTory January Subscription Box by January 31st 11:59 p.m. PST to ensure your spot in getting a box.

Four-ever Fresh Subscription!

Uh Huh Hunnyyyyy! Happy Friday I couldn't have waited for a day of the week more than this week. I still have a lot of homework to do for the weekend but I decided to spend my Friday afternoon forgetting about my worries and work and lay down, watch TV, and use another Face Mask. This mask is the Mirniang Spring Flower Honey Mask that is apart of the FaceTory January Subscription Box. I didn't want to use the mask because of the pretty packaging and all of it's little drawings surrounding it. This mask uses Vitamin A, B, and C with honey extract, lilium candidum flower extract, and licorice extract to purify your skin and even it out. The smell is absolutely amazing and leaves you with a fresh-faced feelings. 


  • Has a tear mark on the top both sides to open the packaging
  • Has a white shield attached to the mask that you peel off and helps go on your face more efficiently and unfold the mask faster.
  • Smells amazing.
  • Has a 15-20 minute time I decided to use the 20 minute time.
  • Mask is tight and fresh on your face.
  • After removal of the mask just spread excess product to keep the sensation.
  • Only the instructions were in English.
  • My skin was very oily after the mask removal and excess product dried.
If you want to try this mask out for yourself make sure to subscribe by January 31st 11:59 PST to get your own with three other amazing masks!

Four-ever Fresh Subscription!

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