Behind The Scenes of An Instagram Blogger Photoshoot

Happy Friday! Have you ever wondered how I take my Instagram photos? Well, in today's post, I am going to take you behind the scenes of how to create that perfect post. The process usually takes all day and that's why it is important to have a plan laid out beforehand.

Planning The Outfit

The first crucial thing about the photo shoot is planning and packing up all the outfits. I usually try on the outfit and if I like it then I will pack it up. At this part, I like to find the accessories for the outfit as well. After this is done, I get ready for the shoot. I usually wear an outfit that I plan to shoot and complete one versatile makeup look. I pack different lip glosses to change a look if needed.

Food Break

Before any shoot, I like to make sure my stomach is full because the photoshoot is actually really exhausting and doing it on an empty stomach is not the way to go. This is also the payment I give my brother for taking my photos since I don't actually pay him. 

Heading To The Shooting Location

The shooting location depends on the outfits and the content I am trying to display. For this shoot, I was shooting content for my February Express Post and a Valentine's Day post as well. Usually, when I have multiple outfits, I rather have a bathroom to change in rather than my car. However, I have done shoots that contain five different outfits while changing in the car. It's hard... even in the bathroom. The bathroom is disgusting anyways and it can get very hot when you feel overwhelmed. I pack all my outfits in a little carry-on luggage so that everything is accessible and together in one bag.

In-Between Outfits

It took three hours to shoot just three different looks. All the pictures had flops but you will see the final products of these images over the next few weeks on my Instagram. For my first look, I used fake roses as a prop and had to pick them up every time we took the shot. For my second look, my boobs kept falling out and it was ruining the entire picture. I was also wearing these heel boots that were causing more pain than childbirth...I swear. For my third look, I changed and thought I left my phone in the bathroom (almost had a heart attack) but it was in my camera bag the whole time. The lighting was also going away during this time so I still feel like I am not satisfied with the pictures... but hopefully, some editing will do the trick. 

Look At & Edit The Photos

Take a look at my pretty little desk! The best part of the day is looking at the photos we took and editing them. I edit all my photos and use a variety of apps. If you want a post on how I edit my Instagram photos, then let me know in the comments down below or via Instagram. After I edit my photos, I use an app called Plannn to add the photos to my Instagram feed to see how they would look. I love the app because it gives me an actual visual of how my feed will look and it allows me to rearrange the photos as well. I also use the app to create my hashtags ahead of time so that when it comes time to post...I just have to copy and paste them to the photo. 

That's a wrap on my Instagram Photo Routine post and I hoped you guys enjoyed it. I always get questions on how to become a blogger/influencer, work with brands, edit/photo process and so much more. If you guys are interested in more content like this then I may start an IGTV series about it. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see the photos that I took during this shoot and more behind-the-scenes content.


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