The One Thing You Are Missing To Have A Successful Healthy Lifestyle

Hello Friends! I am so excited to write my first health and fitness post for Stay Klassay in 2019. I have been wanting to start this health journey for a while now but never committed. This time I plan on committing and that is why I am sharing my journey as it goes on. In the past, I have tried to lose weight in many ways but it wasn't very successful. The reasoning behind this is that I didn't have one thing... MOTIVATION. This one word is the difference of giving up or to keep going and it is something that many of us deal with.  

Today, I wanted to share with you some different ways that you can motivate yourself to start your weight loss journey. All of these things have helped motivate me in some way and that is why I am sharing them with you.

Go Shopping

My first tip is to go shopping for items that are going to help you throughout your fitness journey. For example, I purchased a water bottle and some active clothing pieces (sports bras, leggings, etc.). This will start to get you in the mindset of your new journey and it can be fun too. You also want to head to the grocery store to buy some healthier food options. Eating at home is always going to be healthier than eating out. When eating out, refer to the second tip. When transitioning into a healthy eating style, you must not do it so rapidly but start to exchange items slowly for healthier ones. If you are used to eating burgers and fries all the time and then you start eating salads every day it will make you sick because your body isn't used to your new diet. Therefore, change your diet to try a variety of healthy meals so it can get used to your new healthy lifestyle.

Start Off By Substituting

At the start of a new diet, it is very hard to change the eating habits that you are used to. Something that works for me is to take my old meals and see what I can do to make it healthier. For example, at Wendy's, I like the spicy chicken sandwich meal (comes with the sandwich, soda, and fries) but now I will order the meal with water and apple slices. This is still giving me my favorite entree but just substituting the sides. Then, I will be ready to change the sandwich into a salad in no time. 

You Don't Have To Go To The Gym

 Personally, the only gym I have walked into is my high school one. Therefore, the gym isn't for everyone and it can be intimidating at the start of your journey. Also, gym memberships can get expensive so that is why I recommended starting your exercise at home. Whether you jog around your neighborhood or do yoga in your living room, these are still great ways to be active on a budget. My favorite type of at-home exercise is Zumba. I love exercising to  The Fitness Marshall's videos!

Cheat Meals Are Okay

One thing that can be stressful while being on a diet is breaking it. If you are consistent with your diet then eating one cheat meal per month (or bi-weekly) isn't going to ruin your entire healthy lifestyle. You have to remember that you didn't gain all that weight overnight so you're not going to lose it overnight either. Therefore, eating fries (or any junk food) isn't going to make you gain all the weight that you have already lost.

However, just because you decided to have one cheat meal doesn't mean you create a cheat day. Once you break your diet, it is easy to go back to old habits and just want to binge on junk all day. But instead, substitute your old options for healthier options and sometimes treat yourself to some cheat meals. 

That is a wrap for my motivational tips to start off your own health journey. Make sure you are following @stayklassay on Instagram to see more health and fitness content. 


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