Backpack Essentials For Everyone

It's finally back to school season which means there is a lot to prepare for including buying supplies and looks. Besides the basic supplies like pencils and paper, there are a few necessities that everyone should have in their backpack. Scroll down below to see my top recommendations and shop the same products I use! 


This is the most important essential to have with you at all times especially at school. Headphones are the best weapon to ignore the surrounding sound and focus on completing your work. 

Lanyard with ID Case

I love using this Lanyard and ID case combo because it is lightweight and a simple place to put my keys and cards in. You can either wear your lanyard at school or throw it into your backpack as well.

Hygiene Needs

Hygenie products are a must-have for anyone because you never know when you need to freshen up throughout the day. I don't carry any expensive scents on me and I enjoy using the travel sizes for my normal everyday products.

Travel Cup

A plastic or glass travel cup is a perfect and easy way to refill your beverage throughout the day. Whether if it's going to a refill station or grabbing more coffee at an on-campus coffee shop it is a great way to save time and the planet. 

I looked everywhere for this travel mug and just could not find it anywhere or anything similar. But, I did purchase it at Charming Charlie where they also have more cute travel mugs.

Gum & Mints

Everyone should carry their own pack of gum or mints so they can stop begging from people. It also is a great way to be able to chew on something without taking out a snack in class or while studying.


If you really know me then you know that I am obsessed with chapsticks! I have so many different kinds and brands but I am currently hooked on Nivea's products. I hate having dry lips especially sitting in a class that I can barely pay attention to. I use two different kinds of the Nivea chapsticks and I will link both down below.


The last essential is a supply that is meant to help you organize your thoughts, homework, and life. I love using a planner because it helps me to manage so much and not lose my mind. I have recently invested in a planer from The Happy Planner and I am in love with it. Throughout the planner has cute dividers, colorful layouts, and inspirational messages. If you are looking for a quality and cute planner I suggest this one.

That is a wrap for my backpack essentials and I hope I was able to add something to your shopping list that you will really need this school year. If you have any other essentials that you use during the year, feel free to comment them down below!

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