International Women's Day Dedication

Hello amazing women out there! Happy International Women’s Day! Take this day to celebrate your natural beauty, talent, and your mark on this world. I love seeing other females thrive and it shows how much we all can offer to this world. Today I wanted to highlight some important women in my life that I look up to and help me want to do better every day.


My mom is my number one inspiration in my life. She is the main women who made me the person I am today. Though she is my mother she is also my best friend. I am so thankful to have a strong relationship with my mother unlike many girls my age. She is driven, strong, and beautiful inside and out.  One of my purposes in life is to make her proud and show her that she did a good job raising me. Soon she will not have to worry about taking care of me but me taking care of her.

Yara Shahidi:

Yara is probably the most amazing eighteen year old in the world. Her actions and  soul makes me want to be a better female not only by embracing my femininity but my culture. Her role as an actress and activist is not just for her but to inspire others. She recently started her show grown ish that is a spin off of black ish which relates to this generation and the college experience. The show is amazing because it includes so many different people from different walks of life expressed through the series. Her fashion is also a big inspiration to me because you can tell it expresses who she is as a person. Her being the same age as me motivates me to be and do more.

Shany Monroy:

Another female my age named Shany Monroy is someone I look up too. The way I got to know of her was from the Awesomeness TV show My Dream Quinceanera and I knew there was something special and unique about her. I relate to her with fashion and we both have a similar interest in what to study in college. Her fashion sense breaks barriers and hearts. I love it! She is not afraid to show who she is and shows must support for the Hispanic culture. Shany is also a confident young teen. You don’t see that alot but mostly many girls being desperate for attention. She is definitely someone that you would want to surround yourself with because she is thriving and passionate to be successful.

Joya Jackson:

Joya is also eighteen years old and currently on tour with the R&B singer Khalid as a dancer. I have been following Joya through her journey since the beginning. I have seen her confidence grow so much and it inspires me. She never let the haters get in her way and look at her now. She also advocates for other black girls who feel like they don’t have a voice like she once did. Her fashion sense is so cute and guides me in my everyday style.

Mary J Blige:

Mary J Blige’s music has been inspiring since I came out of the womb. My parents introduced me to R&B music since a very young age and that has been what I have learned to listen to my whole life. Mary’s music is so special to me because I can “feel” her music. I can feel the emotion whether it’ sad, happy, or hopeful. Every song and every album can be interpreted to any situation and it can be different for anyone. Whether you want to jam in the car or cry in the shower her music is a bop. Her life story is expressed through such a beautiful art and is a main reason why music is so influential in my life.

I am glad to share with you the women who inspire me in my life. Of course there are many others but as you can see I am influenced by girls my age. I want to surround myself with girls my age who will grow with me because one day we will become the “women” of our generation.  All of us are inspired by older women and we have to make them proud when they are gone. We have to make sure that this world is growing with women empowerment everyday.

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