Blogmas Day 8: Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

 It's Day 8 and it's time for the guys to get some spotlight on getting gifts. Sometimes girls find it hard to get guys gifts because they don't know what they really like and even though every guy is different most of them usually like some of the same things. Below I have listed three generic things that could be safe bets for getting your guy a gift.

1. Video Games

Most guys like video games even if their not a gamer. Whether you're trying to get them the latest station or video game they will totally appreciate it.

Image result for ps4
This PlayStation4  is still a popular hit and many want for many guys.

Image result for call of duty ww3
Call of Duty WWII has just been recently released and is at the top of many lists this christmas.

2. Shoes

Guys enjoy shoes just as much as girls and maybe even more. Shoes are apart of their fashion religion basically.

OMG these Chap Gibson Chelsea Boots are super cute and every guy needs a pair of boots in their closet if they don't have any already. So girl hook him up!

The White Air Force 1's are a perfect shoe to compliment anyone so your man either need's these in his closet or need's to have his dirty one's replaced.

3. Watches

Watches are a key accessory to any outfit and guys always look good with that bling on their left wrist.

This MICHAEL Michael Kors Bradshaw Access Bracelet Smart Watch is a way cooler and fashionable smart watch.

I love this Trent Leather Strap Watch because it is so slick and sophisticated and a guy can wear this out to work or on a date night.

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