Blogmas Day 10: Winter Skincare Routine

Guys, I am so excited that there are only 15 days til Christmas. It seems like it’s been the holiday I have been waiting on all year. I am so excited to be on winter break especially but to also enjoy my holiday season since it’s been pretty hectic. Through all the stress and sleepless nights, I have to stay consistent on a facial routine to make sure that my internal misery doesn’t turn into a pimple mystery. My facial routine doesn’t seem to change for winter since Florida is always at a steady 90 degrees but I would like to share with you what has consisted of throughout this season.

Black Sugar & Charcoal  Mask
This is the first item I use in my routine. I usually use it in the shower whether I shower in the morning or night (but choose to do it only once a day). I put it on as soon as I get in the shower and do my shower business and by the time I am done 5-7 minutes have passed and it's time to rinse off the mask. I love this mask because a lot of masks give you a cooling sensation which I love but this one kinda feels hot like stones and you feel like the scrub is really cleaning out your pores.

Micellar Water

My next step when I get out of the shower consists of wetting a cotton piece with micellar water and wiping off any dirt left that my shower didn’t take off. My favorite micellar water I have ever used is the L’Oreal one because it does feel cooling and for an extra cleanse and a sense of freshness I don’t mind having that sensation.

These are the main two ingredients to my rockin skincare routine and I hope this helps you have clearer skin this holiday season.

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