2017 Recap & 2018 Resolutions

As we close out 2017, it's important to reflect on our actions throughout the year and learn to grow and prosper for the next year. 2017 was probably one of the best years of my life not only did I grow as a person but I finally felt like I had a purpose on this earth and saw what my talent and mind can do for others. I also began going to college, began driving my own car, getting a job, and preparing to be a responsible adult. I also started a fashion blog because I finally realized that it's what I want not what others expect of me. For 2018, I will begin to achieve many goals with the help of my goal journal. 

In 2018, I am going to begin writing in my journals again because it's something I miss and used to do almost every day. I stopped because I never had time but now I have learned that there is always time to do the things that you love. I plan to travel a lot this year and I am going to vlog every trip to capture the memories.

As for the blog, I will be posting every Monday and Friday with amazing fashion posts. I will also be doing a phone case giveaway every month to share my love for cases with you guys. My series Styling With Kass will also have its debut very early this year. There is so many exciting things to expect this upcoming year and I can't wait for you all to witness it with me.

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